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Product Introduction
NC100LE RCBO is suitable for the circuit of 50Hz, rated voltage 230/400V, and rated current up to 100A. It has the earth leakage, overload & short circuit protect function. It can also add over voltage protect function. It is mainly used in building illumination and electrical distribution system.

Number of Poles 1P+N, 2P, 3P, 3P+N, 4P
Rated Current (A) 40, 50, 63, 80, 100
Rated Residual Operating Current (IΔn)(mA) 30, 50, 100, 200, 300
Rated Residual Non-operation Current (IΔno)(mA) ≤0.5IΔn
Rated Voltage (V) AC 230/400
Residual Current Off-time ≤0.1S
Short Circuit Capacity (Icu) 3000A
Endurance ≥4000
Tripping Curve C,D
Protection Degree IP20

Overall And Mounting Dimensions (Unit: mm)

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